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Yoshimura Logo StickerIN STOCK

Silver (available in black, white or silver)


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  • All Prices Include VAT
  • Next Day Delivery Available

Available In

Black White Silver Gold

Yoshimura logo sticker measures 85mm x 56mm.

Show the world your "Yoshimura Spirit" with their range of Official Apparel.

904-213-1300 - Yoshimura Logo Sticker - Silver (available in black, white or silver)

Started by Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura way back in 1954, the company is still under family ownership and Yoshimura has evolved into one of the world's largest motorcycle aftermarket performance companies.

Having R&D and manufacturing facilities in both Japan and the USA, Yoshimura have been involved with racing at the highest level, all over the world, for nearly six decades! That level of experience is unrivalled and shows through in the innovation and quality of their products.

Yoshimura bring the skills, knowledge, and passion of racing into everything they make or do, whether it be CNC machined hard parts, exhaust full systems or slip-ons, tuning parts or a full engine build.

In addition to exhausts for which Yoshimura are rightly renowned, Yoshimura produce a large range of accessories and tuning parts:

Accessories and tuning parts.

  • Bar-Ends  
  • Steering Stem Nuts
  • Oil-Filler Plugs / Engine Plugs
  • Chassis Protectors
  • Billet Alloy Engine Case Savers
  • Rear Set Riser Blocks
  • Fork Tube Tops
  • Billet Sprocket Covers
  • Paddock Stand Bobbins
  • Exhaust Hangers
  • Tail-Tidies
  • Axle Adjuster Blocks
  • Reservoir Cover Kits
  • Engine Tuning Parts
  • Chassis parts
  • Electronics
  • Race Kits
  • Mini / Monkey Bike parts

Many of the billet alloy parts are anodised and laser etched with Yoshimura logo.

Engine Plug Kit

Yoshimura engine plugs are CNC machined from 6061 T6 alloy, hard anodized and topped off with laser-etched logo. Kit includes Small and Large Timing Inspection Plug for a complete look.

Also Available Individually.

Bar Ends

Yoshimura Bar Ends are designed as direct replacements for those bulky and heavy stock bar ends. CNC machined from billet alloy, hard anodized and then laser-etched with the Yoshimura logo.

Oil Filler Plug

Yoshimura has proved once more that even the most simple of parts can have room for improvement. Like the other parts in the range, these are CNC machined from billet alloy, hard anodized and then laser-etched with the Yoshimura logo. Most are also pre-drilled for lock wire.

Paddock stand bobbins

Paying attention to the minor details is the way that Yoshimura has won so many titles over the years. These clever stand bobbins are an easily installed upgrade that won't get marked as quickly as other stand stoppers, because they rotate with the stand. A hard anodized finish also adds longevity.

Tail Tidy

Manufactured with a laser cut stainless mounting bracket fitted with a CNC machined alloy LED number plate light which is anodised black then laser etched with Yoshimura's logo. The anodised black alloy number (license) plate frame also has the Yoshimura logo.

(NB - Logo will be hidden with UK legal size number plate).

Steering Stem Nut

Yoshimura CNC machined alloy steering stem nuts are hard anodized and laser-etched for a technical look and you won't have to struggle drilling safety wire holes, because it’s already done!

Mirror Hole Cap Kit

Cover up those mirror holes with our feather-weight Mirror Hole Cap Kit. Each piece is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium, then laser-etched with the Yoshimura Logo. The back sides are hollowed out and replaced with carbon fiber inserts, further reducing weight and giving them an attractive appearance from the front. These caps are ridiculously light weight!

Front Sprocket Cover Kits

This light-weight Front Sprocket Cover is a great alternative to plastic OEM covers. It not only adds a noticeable amount of class to your bike, but functions exceptionally well. The CNC machined aluminum cover with carbon fiber backing, mounts closely to the sprocket and surrounding area, which eliminates virtually all chain grime from being flung out from the sprocket. Helps keep your bike and riding gear cleaner for longer.

  •  CNC Machined from High Quality 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Carbon Fiber Backing Plate
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Laser Etched Yoshimura Logo
  • Light-weight, Full-coverage design helps eliminate flying chain grime

Case Savers

Yoshimura case savers are designed to minimise engine case damage from light crashes and scrapes, something which is now demanded by most race series organisers.

Developed with CAD software, Case Savers are CNC machined from high-quality billet 6061-T6 Aluminium to minimise weight while providing great strength. Each Case Saver features a hard anodized finish to improve durability and appearance, and a CNC machined Yoshimura logo.

Chassis Protectors

Yoshimura Chassis Protectors help minimize damage from sliding type falls, often saving thousands in repairs. 

The plastic construction is soft enough to slow slides and wear down slowly... yet tough enough to keep the track and road away from your bike in most cases.  

Axle Adjuster Blocks

Anyone who has tried to adjust their chain with OEM style axle adjuster blocks knows the frustration of dealing with low quality material nad poor markings.

These Yoshimura units are lighter weight, stronger than the factory ones, and look great too. It goes without saying that legendary Yoshimura quality is built into every adjuster block.

Rear Linkage Kit

Provides a more linear-rate suspension geometry by changing rear suspension ratio and allows for adjustment of rear suspension geometry to improve traction characteristics.

  • CNC machined from aircraft grade alloy
  • Distinctive Laser-etched Yoshimura Logos
  • Changes rear suspension travel ratio to reduce shock packing
  • YS1-LINK-KIT: 159 mm provides more Linear-Rate geometry, making shock adjustments mildly apparent
  • YS0-LINK-KIT: 151.6 mm provides more Dynamic-Rate geometry, making shock adjustments highly apparent
  • 400BG116000: 158.8 mm provides more Linear-Rate geometry, making shock adjustments mildly apparent

Adjustable Rear Sets

In racing, every gram of weight saving counts. With their perfect mix of style and functionality, these Yoshimura Rear Sets won't disappoint! They are the quintessential accessory for your street or track Super Bike.

Machined from billet 6061-T6 Aluminum providing the best in quality, the rear sets are then anodized black providing excellent appearance. The Yoshimura R&D logo is proudly laser etched, signifying quality backed by a history of performance and racing heritage. The Yoshimura rear sets offer multiple adjustment positions to fit all riders’ needs while providing the best in control and feedback.

Rear Set Brackets

Yoshimura Aluminium Rear Set Brackets are the perfect answer for those needing a little more adjustment from the stock foot controls. These Brackets feature two additional mounting positions over the stock location for increased possible ground clearance and lean angles. They also enable more aggressive body positioning for better body and weight transfer on the bike.

  • CNC Machined Billet 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Two Position Adjustable:
  • 43mm Back, 20mm Up
  • 43mm Back, 35mm Up
  • Black anodized for durability
  • Laser-Etched Yoshimura R&D Logo
  • Total Weight 437g

Swing Arm Pivot Kit

  • Raises swing arm pivot +2mm
  • Allows for greater swing arm angle
  • Improves traction
  • CNC machined from aircraft grade T6 6061 alloy
  • Distinctive Magnasonian™ finish
  • Laser-etched Yoshimura Logo

Fork Tube Caps

  • Allows for an additional 15mm of front ride height
  • Retains stock compression and rebound adjusters
  • Etched Adjuster Inscriptions
  • CNC machined from Aircraft-Grade Alloy
  • Anodized for a lasting finish
  • Laser-etched Yoshimura Logo

Aluminum Muffler Bracket Kit

Dropping weight is one of the most efficient ways of improving performance. Take weight savings to max with a lightweight aluminium exhaust bracket.

Radiator Protector

Constructed from .8mm stainless steel these covers are designed not only to look smart but also reduce the clogging of the radiator fins and prevent damage to the radiator by stones flicked up from the front tyre.

  • Precision laser cut stainless steel
  • Yoshimura logo
  • Specific for each model
  • Maintains cooling whilst giving protection.