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Akrapovic Cooperation With Rapid Bike

Performance Parts Limited are pleased to announce a new working partnership between two major brands we represent;
Akrapovic are now endorsing Rapid Bike as their approved aftermarket fuelling partner.

Akrapovic have announced the start of their technical cooperation with the Italian fuelling technology specialist Rapid Bike to offer customers the option of perfect fuelling and injection mapping for use in combination with Akrapovic exhaust systems.

The Akrapovic R&D department have developed dedicated maps, which are available for download directly from Rapid Bike's website ( These maps can be uploaded on EVO or RACING modules using the Rapid Bike Master software. We can also supply the Rapid Bike fuelling module kits
pre-installed with the Akrapovic developed mapping.

Tailor-made fuelling maps used in conjunction with an Akrapovic exhaust system optimises the motorcycle’s engine performance and are effective across the entire range of the power delivery curve and improve the motorcycle’s drivability, especially at lower and medium rpms (in the “closed loop area”), thanks to the innovative management strategy of the stock lambda sensor signal.

This partnership is extremely valuable considering the introduction of EURO 4 legislation and the strict limitations on the performance of the latest motorcycle models, especially for track use.

The following Akrapovic exhausts are currently available with Rapid Bike fuelling maps, with more to be added to cover the entire Akrapovic range where refuelling of the bike is required or beneficial:

BMW S 1000 XR
Model year: from 2015
Developed on: S-B10SO7-HZDFT+E-B10R5 or E-B10E5

HONDA CBR 1000 RR - complete systems
Model year: from 2017
Developed on: S-H10E1-APLT or S-H10R8-APLT
Suitable for: S-H10SO18-CBT+E-H10R6 or E-H10E1, S-H10SO17-HAPXLT/1+E-H10R6 or E-H10E1

HONDA CBR 1000 RR - slip-on systems
Model year: from 2017
Developed on: S-H10SO17-HAPXLT
Suitable for: S-H10SO17-HAPXLT/1, S-H10SO18-CBT

Model year: from 2018
Developed on: S-H10SO20-HAPLT+E-H10R7
Suitable for: S-H10SO21-ASZT+E-H10R7

Model year: from 2019
Developed on: S-K10E9-ZC or S-K10R9-ZC
Suitable for: S-K10SO16-HZC+L-K10SO7T or S-K10SO17-ASZ+L-K10SO7T

Model year: from 2018
Developed on: S-K9SO5-HBAVTBL+E-K9R3

Model year: from 2017
Developed on: S-S10E3-APLT or S-S10R11-APLT
Suitable for: S-S10SO13-CUBT+E-S10R6 or S-S10SO12-HRC+E-S10R6

All Akrapovic listings will now display the following message when a Rapid Bike fuelling map is available:
"For perfect performance, throttle response, and durability, special mapping developed by Akrapovic R&D in collaboration with our partner Rapid Bike by Dimsport should be used."