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New fuelling module fitments from Rapid Bike

The Range of Fuelling Modules from Rapid Bike has been increased to include the following model fitments.

Yamaha MT-10
Rapid Bike's Racing module kit shows remarkable results on the new MT-10 in stock configuration, with a gain between 3 and up to 5 hp at every throttle opening. The bike becomes enhanced in the closed loop range from 3000 all the way up to 6000 rpm with the engine performing at its best potential!
EVO  KRBEVO-125  £355
KRBRAC-125  £486

Yamaha XSR 700
Tests on the latest version of Yamaha's twin-cylinder 700 cc engine confirms the consistent benefits and improvements that only Rapid Bike fuelling technology is able to offer to EURO 4 compliant bikes.
EVO KRBEVO-106  £355
KRBRAC-106  £486
EVO Exclusive
KRBEVO-106-EX  £296
RACING Exclusive
KRBRAC-106-EX  £338

Yamaha XSR 900
Drive-by-wire is often a source of complaint for many riders - Rapid Bike Evo and Racing add-on modules neutralize the unpleasant on-off effect on the latest Yamaha XSR 900 delivering a totally new throttle response such to emulate the typical behaviour of a carbuoreted engine.
EVO KRBEVO-098A  £355
KRBRAC-098A  £486
EVO Exclusive
KRBEVO-098A-EX  £296

Ducati Hyperstrada / hypermotard 939
Ducati's latest engine technology is based on a double stock lambda system which is extremely restrictive for the bike’s performance especially at lower and mid rpm. Only Rapid Bike is able to manage this system effectively and operate in the closed loop section for a full range of injection value adjustment providing a much smoother torque delivery.
EASY KRBEVO-024  £139
KRBEVO-047E  £355

Using the Rapid Bike Racing kit in conjunction with YouTune controller allows the rider to gain additional and valuable features such as Adjustable Engine Braking, Traction Control and Launch Control.
YouTune Controller K27YOUTUNE  £225