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New Hyperpro products for the 2017 Ducati Multistrada 950

The effectiveness of a motorcycle's suspension affects braking, handling, comfort, safety and performance so Hyperpro products represent one of the best modifications that can be made to any motorcycle.

The new Ducati Multistrada 950 is made for those who seek comfort and style and want superior performance without feeling intimidated by their motorcycle. With this in mind Hyperpro have drawn on over two decades of suspension expertise to develop the following products;

Progressive fork spring kit
The front fork spring kits comes complete with progressive springs, the correct weight fork oil, and a full installation & set-up manual providing the optimum settings, allowing you to set your bike up correctly.
SP-DU09-SSA028  £143

Progressive rear shock spring
Progressive rear shock springs are designed to replace the original spring on the OE shock absorber. Perfectly matched for use with the Hyperpro front fork kit. Available in a choice of Hyperpro's trademark purple or a more subtle black.
Purple  SP-DU09-SSB028  £91
Black  SP-DU09-SSB028-B  £91  
460 Emulsion shock absorber
A replacement emulsion shock with rebound adjustment. Bespoke built to order to suit your individual specification and needs taking type of use, combined rider, pillion and luggage weights all into account.
The Type 460 emulsion shock features 50 clicks of rebound adjustment and manual preload adjustment. Available with a spring colour choice of Hyperpro's trademark purple or a more subtle black. There is also the option of adding a hydraulic preload adjuster.
DU09-0AI  £430

461 Fully adjustable shock absorber
For riders who look for top level gear Hyperpro also offer a 461 fully adjustable shock absorber. The 461 shock features rebound adjustment and both high & low compression damping and like the 460 it is bespoke built to order to suit the rider's individual specification and needs. Combine with the progressive front spring kit for a perfect suspension set-up.
The Type 461 shock with hose reservoir is fully adjustable with 30 clicks of high & low speed compression and 50 clicks of rebound adjustment. Available with purple or black spring. There is also the option of adding a hydraulic preload adjuster.
DU09-1AI  £647

Streetbox kit
The Hyperpro Streetbox is designed to be an all in one box solution for a balanced suspension set-up. It contains a 460 type emulsion shock with rebound adjustment, Hyperpro progressive front fork springs with oil & full set-up instructions. The rear shock spring can also be ordered in black or Hyperpro purple. The streetbox kit also provides a financial saving to buying a fork kit and shock separately.
SB-DU09-0AI  £550