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New Ilmberger Carbon For Ducati Scrambler

New from German carbon specialists Ilmberger is a range of high quality carbon fibre replacement panels for the popular Ducati Scrambler. These parts are hand made from pre-impregnated carbon fibre then processed in state of the art autoclaves. Ilmberger's construction method provides maximum strength, minimum weight and a stunning visual finish, available in both matt and gloss. Precision in manufacturing techniques ensures an exacting fit. Finally all parts have a clear synthetic coating that is highly resistant and protects against long-term weather and UV damage.

2015 Ducati Scrambler
Matt Carbon Parts

(Gloss option also available)

Front Mudguard
KVO-101-DS15M-K £154

Radiator Cover Left
WKL-102-DS15M-K £145

Radiator Cover Right
WKR-102-DS15M-K £145

Upper Tank Cover
TAO-104-DS15M-K £111

Fork Standpipe Cover Left
KVL-105-DS15M-K £85

Fork Standpipe Cover Right
KVR-106-DS15M-K £85

Instrument Cover
IAO-107-DS15M-K £68

Headlight Cover
LDO-108-DS15M-K £77

VEO-109-DS15M-K £214

Tank Cover Left
TAL-110-DS15M-K £120

Tank Cover Right
TAR-111-DS15M-K £120

Cover Under The Frame Left
ARL-112-DS15M-K £85

Cover Under The Frame Right
ARR-113-DS15M-K £85

Cam Belt Cover Vertical
ZAV-114-DS15M-K £85

Cam Belt Cover Horizontal
ZAH-115-DS15M-K £85

Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield
AHK-116-DS15M-K £68

Rear Indicator Holder
BHO-117-DS15M-K £162

Sprocket Cover
RIO-118-DS15M-K £77

Upper Numberplate Holder
NHO-119-DS15M-K £171

Rear Fender
KHO-120-DS15M-K £145

Rear Chain Guard
KEH-121-DS15M-K £85

Exhaust Heat Shield
ASC-122-DS15M-K £85