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New R-34 Silencer from Yoshimura R&D

New from Yoshimura R&D is the R-34 silencer

Introducing the newest silencer from Yoshimura R&D, the R-34. With styling cues from decades past and technology of today comes the newly designed R-34. This megaphone style silencer is not only made with style, it's made with the Yoshimura reputation to perform. A hand formed Works Finish stainless steel sleeve houses custom tuned baffling and premium packing, finished off with a beautifully sculpted CNC machined aluminium hard anodised end cap.

Created to be the perfect pairing to any modern retro style motorcycle, the R-34 is currently available for the models featured below with several new fitments scheduled to be released soon.


The Honda Rebel was practically designed for the new R-34. Yoshimura's new slip-on removes a good amount of the stock weight (1.5kgs to be exact) and provides the perfect retro/custom builders look for the classic Rebel. The R-34 adds performance too, 2.6% peak HP and 4.6% peak torque. Hit the red start button and you hear the custom tone of the R-34. It's throwback time!

Part Number: 12570BT510
RRP: £561


What better styled bike to hang Yoshimura's new R-34 on than the modern-retro Kawasaki Z900RS. This new silencer screams cool on the new Kawasaki 900. The R-34 not only provides a nice power and torque increase, it gives the RS a retro look and legendary sound that is purely Yoshimura. It also comes complete with a Yoshimura custom aluminum/stainless steel perforated heat shield.

Part Number: 14950BT510
RRP: £599


All information and prices correct at time of publishing