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New SMART fuelling module kit for BMW S1000RR

New from Rapid Bike is their latest Smart module fuelling kit designed for the 2019 onwards BMW S1000RR.

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The  Rapid Bike SMART fuelling kit is specifically designed to improve the performance of the Euro 5 S1000RR which is equipped with highly sophisticated lambda sensors.

The SMART module directly controls the lambda sensor signal in order to prompt the stock ECU to adopt a richer carburation over the entire power delivery power curve, while securing substantial benefits for overall engine performance. This Results in a considerably smoother power delivery, while improving throttle response and engine reaction.

Consistent torque increases and power gains enhance the performance with the engine in stock configuration, however it also prompts the stock ECU to match fuel injection requirements for improved performance after the installation of open (de-cat) exhaust systems and high flow air filters.

Key Features:

  • Compact dimensions for easy installation
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth
  • Simple to disable the module and bring the motorcycle back to stock configuration
  • Equipped with status LED for immediate diagnose
  • Plug-and-play wiring harness 

Also, through Bluetooth connectivity and innovative free downloadable software you can amplify or reduce the effects of the stock lambda sensor signal modification made by the SMART Module.