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Take the Scrambler to the next performance level!

Akrapovic Titanium Silencer Slip-On Kit - Race
(Twin Black Coated)

Suitable for the all new 2021+ 800cc Ducati Scramblers

Featuring a high-grade stainless steel link pipe and no pre-silencer box, this beautifully shaped exhaust is perfectly matched to the character of the engine and delivers a sharper sound - Listen here!

With a strong power gain through the entire rpm range, improved torque, and reduced weight, this exhaust is sure to take the Scrambler to the next performance level.


The unique twin exhaust imparts a powerful classic appearance, and the outer sleeves are coated black for a sporty, neo-retro look. Specially designed removable noise-reduction inserts have been created to give the bike a dual character and offer a choice between two different soundtracks for the machine. With the inserts in place, the exhaust system is suitable for everyday use, but when removed the sound levels rise, making it perfect for special occasions.

It offers a simple plug and play installation and no requirement for any re-mapping.

Torque + 3.0 nm @ 4,500 rpm
Power + 2.2 bhp @ 8,600 rpm
Weight - 3.8 kg v Original

For more information, price and to Pre-order - Click Here! 

Akrapovic Optional Titanium Header Set

A Modular upgrade to complete the race look and performance

Optional headers are designed to be used with the Slip-On kit, created to turn the exhausts into a complete exhaust system. Manufactured from high-grade titanium, these superbly finished headers have larger tubes to improve exhaust gas flow and increase performance to even greater levels, as well as impressively reducing weight in comparison to stock items.

Pre-order here!


Optional Carbon Fibre Heat Shield
To Replace OE Heat Shield On Header

For more information, price and to order CLICK HERE