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Rizoma Stealth Mirror, Black, other colours availableTEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Per pair. Bike specific adapter integral.


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Colour Options

Black Silver Grey

Dual functionality: when open, it's a rear-view mirror, when closed it becomes an aerodynamic wing

Out of the interface between racing experience and aeronautical inspiration comes a new mirror: Stealth, an accessory specifically designed for supersport bikes. It consists of a fixed part, designed specifically for the bikes fairing, and a movable part which acts as a mirror glass holder. Thanks to a rotating system with a simple twist the two parts get aligned: in the closed position the mirror becomes an aerodynamic foil.

While the mirror glass holder is always the same, the fixed component is designed ad hoc for each supersport bike for which Stealth was developed, looking for the best solution to match the relative aerodynamic results.

Made of billet aluminium, the Stealth mirror has a convex glass surface to provide a wider viewing angle, and the mirror body is available in three different anodised colours.

Rizoma recommends, in combination with Stealth, it's Light Unit turn signals (part FR070BM) and the Panigale V4 specific mounting kit (FR852B) allowing the front indicators to be discretely repositioned.

Easy Installation

The Rizoma mirrors are easy to install and each kit is bike specific with full step by step installation videos available.

Note: the installation video may refer to the use of "enclosed gaskets". These are generic installation videos, and in this particular instance the mirrors do not have, or require, separate gaskets, so please ignore that instruction.

Technical Information

Stealth's design, with its wing-like shape and 25 angle relative to the ground, give it a striking linear look, reminiscent of the Stealth fighter whose name it bears. This angular shape and angle of attack ensures it generates downforce pressure of around 4 kg at 300 km/h., improving the bike's grip and handling performance, especially at high speed.

When in "mirror" mode, ergonomics have been optimised as well: when the rider assumes a racing tuck the mirrors are aligned with the rider's eye level. In this way, the rider does not have to raise his position to get a decent rear view, keeping the head tucked in and out of the airflow.

What are the benefits of the mirrors generated downforce in aerodynamic wing-mode?

See what Lucio Cecchinello thinks.
  • Increased grip enables better acceleration.
  • Improved straight line stability.
  • Air brake effect helps reduce braking distances.
  • Greater downforce makes corner entry easier and helps maintain corner speed.
  • In racing conditions the front tyre gets up to optimum temperature more quickly.


Installation Instructions

BSS040B - Rizoma Stealth Mirror, Black, other colours available - Per pair. Bike specific adapter integral.

"I cannot find this accessory for my bike anywhere, why don’t you make it for me?”

That could have been the beginning of the story, which in just over 10 years has transformed the two brothers’ passion and creativity into a Premium Brand of motorcycle accessories and design products, made of exclusive quality materials, such as aluminum and composite fibres. 

Over the years, Fabio and Fabrizio Rigolio (General Manager and CEO of Rizoma) have managed to build up a young and dynamic team able to manufacture, and trade worldwide, the parts which impress everyone with their elegant and original design and with their maniacal quality.

The unmistakable style of Rizoma is summarized in the pure lines of its products, which give the object an elegant and refined minimalism. Also at the Italian Headquarters (located in Milan area), special attention is paid to the appearance, which is characteristic of a showroom: details are very important for a constantly evolving “Made in Italy” brand.