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HyperPro Streetbox Kit (Purple Shock Spring)NON-STOCK SUPPPLIED ON DEMAND


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Purple Black

Hyperpro are a Dutch company with over two decades of experience in manufacturing innovative top-level suspension. Famed for their development of progressive suspension, they produce a full range of products to transform any bike's performance.

A good suspension setup gives more comfort, but even more importantly; it gives more safety while riding the bike. Also, it will result in a shorter braking distance and more stability in the curves, even with a passenger.

The Hyperpro Streetbox contains a 460 type emulsion shock with rebound adjustment, Hyperpro progressive front fork springs with oil & full set-up instructions. The rear shock spring can be ordered in black or Hyperpro purple.

SB-HO06-0AE - HyperPro Streetbox Kit (Purple Shock Spring)

Hyperpro are a Dutch company established by experienced suspension engineers in the early 90’s and who, for more than 20 years, have been manufacturing class leading suspension products.

They are renowned for their development work with progressive springs for real world use on street bikes. They produce a full range of products to transform the everyday performance of most makes and models.

The range encompasses progressive and linear fork and shock springs, bespoke made shock absorbers, steering dampers and lowering kits which can take the form of replacement linkages or springs.

All products are designed and manufactured in Hyperpro’s own factory, which is situated in the centre of the Netherlands. The warehouse stocks about 30,000 springs covering around 2500 bike models. All Hyperpro products are KBA/GTU/TUV approved.

The effectiveness of your suspension affects braking, handling, comfort, safety and performance so Hyperpro products represent one of the best modifications that can be made to any motorcycle.