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SHIDO Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery (Replaces YTX7A-BS)TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK


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As a technology already embraced in the mobile phone, computer and power tool industry, lithium power cells are slowly beginning to replace traditional lead-acid batteries in high performance automotive applications.

Shido Lithium batteries offer massive weight savings compared to lead-acid, up to 80%/5kg in certain applications, and have the same size, shape and terminal position as the original fit. They can be mounted in any position; perfect for special builds.

Please use a lithium compatible charger. Please note for older bikes (mid 90's and earlier) we recommend updating the charging system to a modern voltage rectifier/regulator. Damaged voltage regulators can over charge and damage lithium batteries.

LTX7A-BS-LION - SHIDO Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery (Replaces YTX7A-BS)

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