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  • All Prices Include VAT
32-110 - Zero Gravity 9 x 16MM WELL NUT KIT - 8 COUNT

In terms of quality, it does not come any better than US made screens from Zero Gravity, the originators of the “Double Bubble” windscreen!

Highest Optical Quality

Zero Gravity windscreens feature the best optics of any windscreen on the market, anywhere. All Zero Gravity windscreens are fabricated using specialised "blow moulding" techniques similar to those used to form aircraft canopies. The result is a distortion-free optic lens.

High Standard of Edge Finishing

One of the last stages of production is to polish the screen edges to remove any imperfections. This results in an O/E quality finish and it negates the need for optional unsightly screen trims, seen on many aftermarket screens to cover up rough edges.

Strength Plus Flexibility

Made from the finest grade of acrylic plastic, Zero Gravity windscreens are stretched as they are formed, a process which results in superior strength and flexibility which allows the windscreen to absorb road vibrations and resist cracking.

Best Fit to OEM Fairings

Zero Gravity windscreens are factory pre-drilled (except some race applications) and ready to install. The holes and windscreen profile match the OEM fairing for a precision fit.

Shapes of screen available:

Standard Replacement (SR)

This shape follows the lines of the original screen, but will offer a choice of colour and improve looks, strength and longevity.

Double Bubble (DB)

This shape gives an aerodynamic improvement, allowing the rider space to crouch down out of the airflow whilst still reducing the frontal area of the bike. In addition DB will offer a choice of colour and improve looks, strength and longevity.

Sport Touring (ST) sometimes referred to as “Flip”

This shape gives a comfort and noise improvement, due to the screen shape deflecting the airflow over the rider, making high mileage trips less exhausting. In addition ST will offer a choice of colour and improve looks, strength and longevity.


Designed for late model sportsbikes with a very small frontal area, the new Corsa shape gives an aerodynamic improvement, both in width and height to improve comfort of the rider’s shoulder areas in addition to the head, all without the stepped profile of Double Bubble.

Marc 1

If you’re a rider with an aggressive, weight forward riding style, looking to maximize aerodynamics, look no further than the Marc1™ Series. The Marc1 has a low profile design, shaped to wrap around the riders helmet to allow for those low tucks without the interference.