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Ikon Progressive Fork SpringsIN STOCK

38MM (L.GABEL=775MM)


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Up front the fork springs are taking the initial force of unevenness on all road and track surfaces. If the springs fail, your bike will be less of a pleasure to ride and wear out other suspension, frame and engine parts faster.

Ikon fork springs allow full suspension travel, alleviate sag and nose dive while contributing to improved stability, ride control and comfort.

Most Ikon fork springs feature a progressive rate for comfort over smaller bumps and extra control for larger suspension movements. Ikon fork springs are available for a large variety of motorcycles including, modern, vintage road and trail bikes.

500-151-PAIR - Ikon Progressive Fork Springs - 38MM (L.GABEL=775MM)

Ikon have considerable experience, gained from many years of specialising in suspension. They are based in Australia with facilities and equipment for R & D, manufacture and testing all of their products with every shock being individually dyno-tested before leaving the factory.

The Ikon story dates back to 1967 where the Koni suspension company launched a range of motorcycle shocks with internal adjustability and linear springs. Into the 70’s gas assisted technology and progressively rated springs were added to the line-up. Then in the 80’s in addition to their popular “dial-a-ride” shocks, new mono shocks were added to the range in response to the shift in motorcycle design.

2001 saw the dawn of Ikon suspension as an independent company specialising in motorcycle suspension. After negotiation with Koni, who were ceasing production of their motorcycle products and based on their technical legacy, 2001 saw the first Ikon shocks off the production line with the revamped 7610 series. Later on, aluminium bodied shocks were developed and a range of progressive fork spring kits were added to the product line-up. Ikon continued to expand with the introduction of mono tube twin shocks and the 76 Basix series, all while maintaining a personal approach.

Over 50 years on and Ikon remains committed to helping riders of all backgrounds offering modern technology for older applications whilst also developing suspension solutions for new and current models, embracing their company mottos of  “Bike On with Ikon” and “Because Your Ride Matters”.