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Hyperpro for Honda NC750X - Customer Review

Steve has had over 45 years experience on the road, 20 of those as an advanced level Police rider and 11 of those as a Police motorcycle instructor. He gIves us a review of his experience with the Hyperpro Streetbox Kit for his Honda NC750X

"In January 2022 I purchased a new Honda NC750X DCT. After 8 months and 3000+ miles of leisure riding I loved every bit of the bike apart from the suspension which was harsh at the front and vague at the rear. I then happened to watch a YouTube video review of the bike by respected journalist Chris Moss who spoke very highly of the improvements to the ride achieved by fitting HyperPro suspension to it. Based on that I contacted Performance Parts and spoke to Steve Slack who was most helpful in answering all my questions and advised me of the product best suited to my needs and I then ordered a Streetbox kit for my bike. Steve was very good in keeping me informed of order progress and delivery details, giving the impression that my custom mattered and the company cared, a refreshing experience in modern times.

I wasn’t expecting miracles from the kit, the cost at the time of £533 does not go far in the world of suspension changes. The bike would still only have 41mm forks and 120mm maximum movement front and back so there are limits! However, I was hoping it would eliminate some of the jarring out of the front end and improve the feel and damping at the rear and if it did then it would be pension pounds well spent. 

I only plan to be riding the NC solo with minimal luggage so once I had set the rear shock pre-load to my preference it will stay there so there was no need to spend an extra £200 for the convenience of a remote adjuster option which would be very beneficial if you occasionally take a pillion. 

The Hyperpro kit arrived on the doorstep well ahead of schedule and looked to be very well made. It was a couple of weeks before I had time to fit it and I noted the HyperPro springs looked a lot more substantial than the standard Honda items.

Changing the fork springs was quite straight forward, the kit came with a litre bottle of HyperPro fork oil and the correct oil level is set before inserting the new springs in the forks.

I have a centre stand fitted so the rear shock came off quite easily after the fiddly Honda side panels were unclipped. I left the side panels off whilst I experimented to set the rear pre-load to my liking as it is easier to remove two bolts and take the shock out to make adjustments on the bench than fiddle about with the shock in situ especially if a rear hugger is fitted. The rebound damping adjustment is very easy to adjust in situ, just reach underneath and click. 

Having finished the installation I completed the first 50 test miles with the new Hyperpro suspension and was very pleased that my initial impression was of a great all-round improvement. I felt the jarring from the forks had greatly reduced, there was less fork dive under braking and the bike was holding a flatter more stable stance in the corners, the overall ride felt firmer and smoother. I experimented a little further with rear pre-load and damping to get the best balance with the non-adjustable front end for my weight and riding style and it now feels like the bike has some proper suspension on it.

In summary I seem to have achieved a bigger overall improvement than I had hoped for. I have certainly enjoyed doing the work and learning along the way.

I have now ridden close to 2000 miles with the HyperPro suspension upgrade and hope to do a comparison test with a friend and his stock suspension bike soon"

Keep an eye out for Steve's comparison review coming soon. To view Hyperpro products for your motorcycle click here or call our Technical Sales Team on 01327 706 139.