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New Rizoma Products For The 2017 BMW R1200GS

The BMW R1200GS is one of the best selling urban endurance bikes worldwide. A touring emblem both on and off road.

Rizoma have launched a range of styling accessories with designs inspired by the functional essence of the bike, emphasising on endurance, safety, comfort and control. The result is a versatile accessory line with the unmistakable Rizoma style.

Key products from this accessory line include; headlight guard, bash plate with integrated light, alloy frame hole caps, side stand base, aluminium heel guards and exhaust guards.

To improve comfort there is a handlebar riser kit designed to move the bars 45mm upwards and 25mm towards the rider. For maximum control there are the new rally footpegs with a replaceable bear trap style outer steel ring.
To complete the wide range of accessories available there are also confirmed fitments of universal mirrors, 3D style brake and clutch levers and indicator lights.

Made in Italy, styled by Rizoma.

Key products - part & price list:

Handlebar Risers / AZ451 £85  -  Available Colours T
Adjustable Brake Lever (3D) / LBJ701 £153  -  Available Colours  B A G
Adjustable Clutch Lever (3D) / LCJ705 £153  -  Available Colours  B A G
Rear Hub Cover / ZBW041 £196 / Available Colours  B A U
Heel Guard Kit / TT007 £144  -  Available Colours  A
Carbon Cylinder Head Guards / ZBW035 £298  -  Available Colours  n/a
Frame Hole Caps / ZBW044 £127  -  Available Colours  B A U
Bash Plate With Light / ZBW060 £298  -  Available Colours  A
Exhaust Guard / ZBW061 £144  -  Available Colours  A
Rider Foot Pegs (Rally) / PE640 (Pair) £144  -  Available Colours  B
Rider Foot Peg Adapters / PE798 (Pair) £33  -  Available Colours  A
Side Stand Base / ZBW063 £68  -  Available Colours  B
Headlight Guard / ZBW064 £213  -  Available Colours  B A
Radiator Guard / ZBW065 £85  -  Available Colours  B
Handlebar Crossbar / ZBW047 £110  -  Available Colours  B U

Click below to see the full range of products available: