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We are now distributing Sprint Filter Products

Here at Performance Parts we are pleased to announce that we are now the official distributor for Sprint Filter into the UK.

Established in 1952, Sprint Filter started building high performance and highly innovative air filters and intake systems, working in collaboration with leading manufacturers such as Ducati and top flight MotoGP race teams including HRC and Aprilia. Since the early fifties the research and development of new filter fabrics and vacuum systems were the basis of the creation of their products.

Sprint Filter have reinvented the concept of a special air filter. Unlike cotton with fibres that break easily or sponge that is inconsistent under pressure Sprint Filter's innovative polyester material allows air passage to be constant and calibrated.

The unique design features a single polyester layer fixed between a concertina folded metal mesh capable of trapping all significant particles and guarantees a very high airflow that cotton or OEM paper filters can't achieve.

Remember this simple equation:
More Air = More Power!


Product Range:
There are three Air filter options to choose from depending on vehicle application and use. P08 filter is the key product, then there is a higher airflow race version the P08F1-85 and finally a waterproof filter the P037 for use in demanding conditions.

Standard performance air filter, ideal for road use or track days with a tuned motorcycle. Using a unique weave pattern of special polyester filtering media with a wire diameter of only 70 microns, Sprint Filter P08 can filter debris as small as 80 microns while having the highest flow of any air filter on the market (P08F1-85 excluded).

The ultimate performance air filter available, currently used by factory MotoGP and WSBK race teams. With a unique weave pattern of special polyester filtering media and a wire diameter of only 22 microns, it can filter debris as small as 85 microns whilst having the highest air flow of any filter on the market. It provides almost three times the airflow of the P08 with virtually the same filtration performance, making it suitable for road use as well as race.

An ultra-fine, waterproof air filter developed specifically for use in demanding conditions such as dirt, water and dust. Ideal for Dual Sport motorcycles, it can filter debris as small as 37 microns while providing airflow equivalent to the class-leading P08 road/race air filter.


Virtually Maintenance Free!
To clean a Sprint Filter, simply remove the filter from the airbox, blow it clean with compressed air, and reinsert it. No messy washing, aftermarket cleaners or oil treatments required, saving you valuable time and money! Being man-made, the Sprint Filter's polyester material will, if properly looked after, display no discernible deterioration or loss of structure or performance over the lifetime of your motorcycle.


Key Features:
Polyester patented technology
Direct replacement for the OEM air filter
Easy to install for instant power gains
Improved air flow over OEM paper or cotton aftermarket filters
Innovative polyester material allows for consistent airflow
Optimised surface area provides more airflow, more power and more filtration
More filtration than cotton or sponge air filters
Virtually maintenance free, clean with just compressed air, no need to wash or oil
Choice of road, race or dual sport (waterproof) filters
Working partnerships with Ducati and Aprilia
Collaborations with HRC and Aprilia MotoGP teams
Quick to market with new fitments for the latest models
More air = more power!