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We're the official distributor for Rapid Bike electronic fuelling modules

We are very pleased to announce that Performance Parts Ltd
have been appointed the new official UK distributor for the full range
of Rapid Bike electronic fuelling module kits.

Rapid Bike, founded in 2003 offers maximum flexibility
to the end-user and the professional tuner.

Rapid Bike's innovative product philosophy represents a real revolution in the performance and engine tuning market:

One module for many features
With Rapid Bike you no longer need to install any additional or secondary units. Traction Control, Launch Control and other features are all available if required within one unit.

Always a step ahead
Only Rapid Bike offers a management system to fully control ignition map and modulate pick-up sensor signal.

Not just add-on modules
Also on offer is a wide range of simple to install plug & play universal accessories.

Modules are re-programmable (using professional software) to allow them to be transferred/installed on different bikes thanks to a separate bike specific wiring harness.

Customised software
Two software options are available, 1) An online support and software tool designed for end users and 2) A more advanced dealer software package for the professional tuner.

Details Matter
Accurate and reliable management system of all engine sensors.

Using the Lambda sensor for full control over the entire RPM range.

Available now is a comprehensive range of top quality power modules designed to unlock the hidden potential of your bikes engine. With EU legislation now in place such Euro4 regulations bikes are controlled by their ECU to limit the amount of emissions produced by the bike. OE Manufacturers have adopted the lambda sensor installed on the exhaust system to monitor the emission values in order to comply with the increasing restrictive anti-pollution regulations.
The regulations represent a real constraint for engine performance as it is forces bikes to run with a very lean fuel mixture while causing a lack of throttle response and sudden power gaps. This is why the lambda sensor is often perceived as a major problem preventing the engine from exploiting its full potential.

Instead trying to eliminate the effect of the lambda (like others) Rapid Bike takes full advantage of the lambda sensor to improve engine efficiency while optimizing fuel consumption. This is achieved by performing a dynamic modulation of the signal sent by the lambda sensor feeding this to the bike's OE ECU and then in turn manipulating the signal sent from the ECU to the injectors. By operating in this closed loop this allows Rapid Bike to be unique in offering re-mapping in the low to medium rpm ranges, the most critical section of the power delivery curve where the lambda sensor is in full control of the fuelling parameters and most of the time a road rider is riding with the throttle in this closed loop range.

Innovative Auto-Adaptive feature

The new and innovative auto-adaptive feature allows the Rapid Bike module to compare the air/fuel ratio target value with the signal reported by the lambda sensor. The result of this continuous comparison determines whether the fuel being injected needs to be increased or decreased, and ensure the engine always delivers its best performance.

This advantage is even more useful when performing modifications to the bike such as the installation of a performance air filter or racing exhaust system requiring the injector map to be modified. Rapid bike is able to re-map, develop and implement these changes automatically whilst the rider is using the bike, there is no need for further intervention - it is true auto-adaptive technology. Other factors such as temperature, pressure and humidity are also constantly being modulated and auto tuned.

The core products from Rapid Bike

RAPID BIKE EASY: Prices from £139

A base level, simple plug and play modulator designed for motorcycles and scooters modulates the lambda sensor signal to improve the fuel mixture and injection map.

Removes power and torque gaps while improving engine efficiency and fuel consumption at low and mid rpm.

Plugs directly to stock connectors of up to 2 lambda sensors to set fuel adjustments using
2 trimmer dials for quick tuning.

Manufactured according to automotive standards using waterproof connections.

Equipped with an led for immediate status check.

RAPID BIKE EVO: Prices from £355
An advanced module for any type of bike or scooter requiring fuel injection remapping with plug & play installation using stock connectors and free downloadable management software.
Provides total injection control: full management of air/fuel ratio and injection map by controlling up to 8 injectors and up to 2 lambda sensors.
Built-in auto adaptive feature allow the module to adjust the injection map automatically and continuously.
Universal module can be re-programmed to allow installation on a different bike with a separate bike specific wiring harness.
Aluminium alloy outer case, internal insulation with epoxy resins and waterproof connections.
Can be upgraded with optional accessories such as quick shifter and Youtune controller (for engine braking management).

RAPID BIKE RACING: Prices from £486
The RACING module is the most advanced of the range a progression of the EVO module designed especially for race track use.
In addition to the EVO the RACING module In conjunction with the Youtune controller features;
Crankshaft signal position sensor management for accurate and fast control of the ignition map.
Engine brake management while decelerating in order to prevent rear wheel bouncing and improve stability while cornering.
Pit lane limiter activation (using the optional handlebar switch)
Launch control and traction control operated via the Youtune controller.

"Exclusive" Modules: Prices from £254
Selected Rapid Bike EVO and RACING modules are also available as an "Exclusive" kit, a cheaper option that offers all of the features of the EVO or RACING except the module is fixed with a
pre-installed map for the specific bike and is non transferable to other bikes.

Additional optional accessories for EVO and RACING modules

Youtune  £224
A compact handlebar mounted controller putting a technological revolution in your hands to directly manage Rapid Bikes modules main parameters and customize your bikes configuration in real time, used to set up launch control and traction control.

Electronic Quick Shifter  £211
Load sensor cell plugs into EVO or RACING module and manages power cut to allow an up-shift into a higher gear without using the clutch or closing the throttle. It is a universal item and works either by push or pull.

Bypass Adaptor  £34
Bypasses EVO and RACING modules and returns the bike instantly back to standard without removing the Rapid Bike equipment.